Putting the word out

Today at church, Arne Aho asked me if there would be more blog posts.  The answer is definitely yes.  

The weeks of being back home have been full.  Since finishing the “missing chapters,” I’ve started scribbling thoughts for the book.  Family visits, house painting, walking and paddling, and a happy start to the school year have filled my days. 

I thought you would like seeing two newspaper articles that have been published.  The recognition is fun, but also very humbling.  Both included many photos, which tell the story well.  Hope the links (in blue) work! 

Deirdre Fleming, a staff writer for the Portland newspaper, tried hard to meet me on the NFCT.  She and a photographer had hoped to camp and paddle with me.  Alas, we couldn’t connect on the trail, but last Monday she came to Bremen.

Deidre brought her canoe and we went out on McCurdy Pond, from Ed and Carol Knapp’s cottage.  Today’s article in the Maine Sunday Telegram captures the essence of our conversation and promotes the NFCT well.

Paula Roberts wrote a front page  article in The Lincoln County News soon after I got home.  She spent a lot of time with me, covered a generous amount of material and included some of my favorite photos in color in the Aug. 27 edition.

Thanks to both writers for their interest in my story and efforts to raise awareness of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail!

6 thoughts on “Putting the word out”

  1. Dear Laurie: I do believe you have probably stirred much interest in the NFCT and will be sought after for advice. Your pictures were pretty great and you must have had a wonderful, wonderful time accomplishing this great feat. See you October 3rd in NJ. Tricia Miller


  2. I especially like the title of Deirdre Fleming’s article “Seeing it Through.” In order to do an adventure like this, I think that you need three things; the desire to do it in the first place, the ability (which includes your personal strengths and skills, good planning, adequate equipment, and perhaps a support mechanism) but most importantly, you need the right mind set. You have to decide, at the point when you become serious, that you are just going to do it. You understand that there will be hard stuff, bad days, discouragement, but you are just… not… going… to…. quit! “Seeing it Through” in other words.

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  3. Book? Fantastic! I await it, and I hope it includes every photo from your blogs. I concur with “Seeing It Through” as a title.


  4. Laurie,

    I believe your “flower of the day” from August 21 is Polygonum amphibium (Synonym: Persicaria amphibia, Polygonum coccineum), water smartweed.

    It was fun to read your blog, and to be reminded of my own paddling adventures in the region.



    1. Thanks, Peter…I will make a note of the name on that day’s entry. It was so fun to hear from all those who read the blog. Glad to know that it brought back memories of your paddling trips.


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