Tradition Meets Innovation at the Maine Canoe Symposium

For weeks I’ve been feeling the pull to return to blogging. Writing has been consuming my creative energy as I continue to work on the book about my NFCT thru-paddle, but I miss blogging. So hello!


Setting up camp in a circle of friends

My summer adventures began at last weekend’s Maine Canoe Symposium, reconnecting with friends, sharing NFCT news, and pushing my comfort zone.

It was equally challenging to learn paddleboarding from Moe Auger on windy Moose Pond and to build a reflector oven under Nicole Grohoski’s encouraging tutelage. After journeying so many miles last summer, Geoff Burke’s workshop on double-bladed paddling added new insights and fired my desire to switch to a longer 8′ 3″ handcrafted Geoff Burke paddle someday!

There’s a problem with the MCS workshops, though. One weekend just isn’t long enough to attend all the tantalizing choices. I missed the chat with Gil Gilpatrick and hearing about paddling Ontario. Oh well, there’s always next year and I did get to talk with Gil about book publishing, which is close to my heart right now. More on that soon.

Beth and Kathy built reflector ovens with me, as did the Flint family. Someone said we should have a bakeoff next year!


A new dragonfly meets the world



19 thoughts on “Tradition Meets Innovation at the Maine Canoe Symposium”

  1. I had the same complaint about too many great choices being offered at the same time so I’ll definitely return again and again in the coming years to experience them all. It was great to finally meet you. Good luck with the book! Peter of Crescent City, FL.

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    1. It was wonderful to meet you, Peter, after enjoying your blog comments and knowing that we have paddled some of the same waters. I hope it won’t be long until you can continue your section-paddling of the NFCT in Vermont and Quebec. Hope you do make it up from Florida for the MCS next year!


  2. Looks like a wonderful weekend and the perfect kickoff for your summer! Your excitement is contagious, your happiness tangible, and that’s one of the things that you do so well – – sharing your life and faith and exuberance with others! [Don’t let any publishing friends see that run on sentence, okay?] Hard to imagine a 8’3″ paddle though….

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    1. My blog is waking up after the long winter!. Arriving home this evening to so many comments was certainly encouraging, since I wasn’t sure how many followers were still following along. The paddle that I tried at MCS was about 4 or 5 inches longer than the one I used last summer and much more beautiful. It felt more powerful with less effort and was very comfortable in my hands. Something to dream about anyway…


    1. Hi Jan. What a rush to stand up and surf the swells back to the beach. And I expected to go for a swim at least once, but I think the instructor gave me the safe and sturdy model. (Not to mention that he had to tell me to turn it around as I was on backwards). Wonder if a paddle board will be joining the two canoes and a kayak in my little fleet?


  3. Laurie! How do you do it? So much energy. Keep paddling and writing. A fan, Tricia

    On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 6:53 AM, Lauries Adventures wrote:

    > lachandler22 posted: “For weeks I’ve been feeling the pull to return to > blogging. Writing has been consuming my creative energy as I continue to > work on the book about my NFCT thru-paddle, but I miss blogging. So hello! > My summer adventures began at last weekend'” >

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    1. Hi Tricia. You’re still there, too…my most loyal fan! Great to hear from you. On Sunday I am going to Honduras for a couple of weeks, so look for some more exotic posts soon.


  4. ….so glad that you are blogging again.I enjoyed following your last trip and blog. Your writing is interesting and impacting with faith, marvel and wonder. My back will not allow me to do what you do, but vicariously I can. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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    1. Hi Dotty! You’re still there, too, hurray for another faithful source of encouragement and prayer. Everyone’s support of my adventures is a powerful fuel. I’ll be writing from Honduras soon!


  5. Laurie – it was great to see you at MCS. I hope you get that oven out in your backyard or on your next trip… looking forward to hearing what you cook up! Until then, happy paddling, and hope to see you on the water soon! -Nicole


  6. Will you pack your reflector oven for Honduras? Some sweet buns to make? See you in a few days. AND…the double bladed paddle, especially the one I saw with the curved blade, makes a lot of sense, especially when paddling solo.


    1. Hello Dick. Wish I could pack the reflector oven for Honduras…you should see my large duffel, which was getting fuller and fuller as I packed last night, until it topped out at 42 pounds and couldn’t hold another tiny thing. I have gloves stuffed in children’s shoes wedged in boots, etc. And, of course, the Ex Officio underwear! See you in Honduras!!


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