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Maine’s Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument was two years young when Laurie Apgar Chandler embarked on a unique journey. After trekking its panoramic peaks on the International Appalachian Trail, she traded her hiking boots for a solo canoe. Taking the long way round, she followed age-old waterways into the upper watershed of the Penobscot River’s East Branch, then descended its wild waters and quiet byways, through the heart of the monument. Hers is a story of shared discovery, highlighting the region’s rich history and natural wonders.  


“Chandler’s pen does not disappoint. She transfers to the page those moments her senses are seeing, hearing and touching. Her words illuminate both a time and a place. History seeps from the banks of the river and climbs tall trees in a wild setting that elicits an emotive response to it all for the reader. That is what great writing can do.” R.J. Heller, Bangor Daily News

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George Longenecker reviewed Through Woods & Waters for the spring 2022 issue of Northern Woodlands. He writes, “Chandler is a contemplative guide, poetic in her description of the river…’I glided out into a still and quiet dream,’ she writes, ‘From afar layers of different colors and textures overlapped. A long finger of shaggy moss-green, topped with pointed fir, met the brilliant green of verdant marsh.’ Her description enchants and draws in the reader.”

I want to congratulate you on doing such a superb job of capturing the essence of Katahdin Woods and Waters and the region around it. You have a special gift of joining the interesting details of your trip with your reflections and observations of the beauty and glory of each moment in God’s space.”  — John Neff, author of Katahdin: An Historic Journey

“Laurie’s personal account is so much more than an adventure memoir. The spirit, nature and history of the places Laurie visits come alive through her writing and photographs. They linger well after the last page is turned. A great book for winter fireside reading. It may inspire your own journey next summer. Recommended to outdoor adventurers, armchair travelers and history buffs.”  — Jocelyn Hubbell, Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, November 2020 newsletter

Following in the footsteps and paddle strokes of her marvelous book, Upwards, Laurie Chandler’s latest adventure reminds us that while a map can set our course, letting the journey itself be our muse is the greatest guidance of all.” — Jeffrey H Ryan, Author, Historian, Filmmaker

Laurie Chandler is an inspiring storyteller whose solo journey shows us how one of our newest national treasures fits into the rich fabric of Maine’s Great North Woods. Read this very personal story of exploration and discovery  with a map at your side. You will finish with a deep appreciation for the grandeur of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument and a long bucket list of places to visit.” — Don Hudson, President Emeritus, Chewonki , and Cofounder, International Appalachian Trail