Day 2: Seventh Lake lean-to to Tioga Point State Park on Raquette Lake (11.7 miles)

Today in photos, as I remembered to take some!  Today featured two portages, the first an easy mile through a campground and the second longer and more difficult, to lovely Brown’s Tract Inlet. Lovin’ my bug jacket from Nancy and Arne Aho!  Although bugs have overall not been bad.  It was a world of beaver lodges and dams, butterflies, and blue flag.  Only one dam to carry over (below), as water was high.

Still a bit behind schedule and tired of wakes and waves, we found lean-to #6 at Tioga Point.  Ranger Autumn was very organized and helpful to two tired paddlers.  Soon, up paddles NFCT through paddler John Mautner of Fair Haven, NJ, (with me below), also headed to Fort Kent!  We gathered for dinner and plans by the campfire.  Wonder if I will catch him again?  Hope so.  TOTAL SO FAR: 26.4 miles

3 thoughts on “Day 2: Seventh Lake lean-to to Tioga Point State Park on Raquette Lake (11.7 miles)”

  1. I am sure the chain of lakes is very busy. I had a good friend in grade & high school that went to a girls’ camp on Raquette Lake. I am not sure how much they “roughed it”


  2. “When the point is reached where the rhythm of each stroke is as poised as the canoe itself, weariness is forgotten and there is time to watch the sky and the shores without thought of distance or effort.” (-Sigurd Olsen) Enjoy them both! We follow you in spirit. – Arne and Nancy


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