Day 3: Tioga Point State Campground on Raquette Lake to lean-to at end of Deerland Carry (13.1 miles)

Both time and service have been in short supply for posting.  Tonight I finally have service and will add photos later.

Today began with two gorgeous lakes (Raquette and Forked), the wind at our backs and a couple of easy wheelable portages to get us warmed up for what lay ahead.  We are becoming skilled at launching with the wheels from docks and beaches.  Also, pushing rather than pulling, which I haven’t seen mentioned much, but which I do a lot.

Then came the test: Buttermilk Falls and Deerland carries on the Raquette River, which was the first fast water we had paddled in our new boats…a few rocks to avoid and the feel of the Allagash.  Both of us were able to carry our boats on the first carry…go Dad!  The second was another story, a long (6/10 mile), muddy, slippery mess and we were exhausted.  Each of us took some gear for the first trip and, there, at the end, was a marvelous sight.  An empty lean-to saying, “Collapse here.”

Of course, no collapsing yet.  Dad got to work on the fire and I mustered the strength for a couple more loads, the mud once sucking my shoe right off my foot!  Along the way, I met a couple with two friendly dogs.  They proceeded down to visit Dad and transformed into the world’s best trail angels.  John walked to his house downriver and paddled back with 4 beers and enough wood for a lovely campfire, making a cheery abode of the somewhat dark lean-to.  Another blessing!


2 thoughts on “Day 3: Tioga Point State Campground on Raquette Lake to lean-to at end of Deerland Carry (13.1 miles)”

  1. Laurie: This all is very exciting and I am glad your dad is with you. Frankly, I cannot imagine…
    Such a grand adventure. Stay safe and enjoy it all. Tricia


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