Day 1: Old Forge to Seventh Lake lean-to (14.7 miles)

We were up at 5:15 and the packing and loading felt awkward and tentative, without the rhythm of veteran campers.  Everything soon fit, however, and we were off.  The sight of a doe and fawn added a touch of wildness to a day of powerboats and Adirondack camps on the Fulton Chain of Lakes.  We lunched at the Screamen Eagle in Inlet and got our first carry (wheelable) under our belts.  Dad got a helping hand from two older women and a dog for some boat steadying as he got back underway.  The day’s answered prayer was finding the very first lean-to empty.

A wide, gentle needle-strewn slope led up from the sandy beach to a bold bluff.  A granite outcropping commanded a spectacular view of undulating mountains backed by dramatic patterns of cloud and sun.  Grilled steak and peppers with mashed potatoes.  Not all was perfect. We fell a bit behind plan and I slipped and skinned knuckles during the dangerous task of dish washing.  Also realized I took no photos on the phone, just the camera.  I will try to do better!  TOTAL MILES: 14.7

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