Day 42: Rest day at The Birches in Rockwood on Moosehead Lake (only miles for fun)

My aunt Sue Sefcik, my father, and I paddled up to Baker Brook before our French toast and bacon, in the hopes of spotting a moose.  They were also glad for the miles, as they will each be paddling with me on two of the remaining days, Sue on Moosehead and Dad on the St. John River.  I stopped to check out the NFCT Baker Brook campsite on the way.

The rest of the day was restful and rejuvenating – swimming, the hot tub, reading, and a trip to Greenville for some shopping and more.  I even bought a book to take, which I will surely appreciate on Mud Pond Carry! (My food supplies have also filled an extra small dry bag.)

Friends Ken Dale (also our pastor) and his wife Kathy Malatesta treated us to dinner at Kelly’s Landing. The fish fry special with salad bar was a wonderful finish to a restful day. Thanks again, Ken and Kathy!

The last three maps of the NFCT will take me across Moosehead Lake to Northeast Carry, up the West Branch of the Penobscot into the Allagash and then on to the St. John and Fort Kent.  There may be a chance for one more post, but probably not.  

This will be a time for reflection, writing, and photography, and I promise to journal well and finish sharing when I get home.  To each of you faithfully reading along, heartfelt thanks for the multitude of ways you have all generously helped me along the river (or the road)!

Blue moon rising beside Kineo as the day ends

12 thoughts on “Day 42: Rest day at The Birches in Rockwood on Moosehead Lake (only miles for fun)”

  1. Thank you, thank you, Laurie for sharing your trip. I have enjoyed it so much and am so proud of my wonderful P.E.O. sister. cathey sell


  2. That is an exceptionally beautiful photo of the blue moon especially since most of its surroundings are blue. The blue moon is a tribute to you because it is only once in a blue moon that we meet up with a person such as you who dares, cares and shares.


  3. Laurie thank you so very much for including me on your “send to” list. I have enjoyed your posts and adventure greatly. What strength a stamina you have. And the COURAGE to do so much of this by your self.

    God bless Maxine Tutton


  4. Wow! Thanks for these beautiful photos…..that blue moon shot is so gorgeous! You are an inspiration and I can’t wait to hear more abou this incredible journey! Thank you for sharing with us!


  5. Still enjoying your posts very much. You even inspired me to do a 3 day solo trip last weekend on the CT river. Good luck with the rest of your trip. Hope all goes well.


  6. I have noticed that you have a great eye for shaping a scene with your camera (or is it smartphone?). The moon shot is exceptional. Thank you!


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