Another look at the first half of the NFCT in Maine

Hi Becca and Jess…still grateful you shared your campsite on a stormy night
Paul and Janie Hartman by the Maine guideboat on display along the Oquossuc Carry Rd.
Loved these layers of birches along the shore of Flagstaff Lake
Rapids on Little Spencer Stream challenged my endurance
This loon welcomed me to misty Spencer Lake…I was so grateful to see those open waters after a huge day of battling upstream
Along Spencer Rips Rd., I saw tamarack, a conifer that loses its needles in the winter
Spectacular Moose River scenery punctuated by many massive glacial erratics

3 thoughts on “Another look at the first half of the NFCT in Maine”

  1. I love those birches too! When you’re off the trail, maybe you can send me a high-res version of that last photo to be my desktop? Love you!


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