Sharing scenes from my journey

Gazebo in Mansonville, Quebec with the most original piano ever
Ray stopped alongside on my walk to Salem Lake to ask me for advice on wheels for his new and heavy canoe…he is a square dance caller
Need I say more…the perfect Clif bar for past weeks
Church that welcomes you to the town of Island Pond, VT
First noticed these wildflowers on the Nulhegan, but have been seeing them since…anyone know their name?
Fledgling bird on the Nulhegan River – I found out what species when several redwing blackbirds began wheeling and screaming overhead.
Moose observation platform where I ate my snack on the long walk past technical rapids on the Nulhegan
Time to try some creative photography on a barn near my VRC campsite
Stained glass windows on the North Stratford Baptist church
Weather is building at the start of my Connecticut River race for camp
Family of mergansers reflected in the early morning river

4 thoughts on “Sharing scenes from my journey”

  1. I found this in the Audubon Field Guide to North American Wild Flowers: Eastern Region and it’s called “Swamp Candles”


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