Day 28: Cedar Pond Campground to stealth campsite on the Androscoggin River (15.3 miles)

Another upstream river?  Are you crazy?  Did the Abenaki really go up all these rivers?  Well, I like to think so and also that they would approve of my decisions as to when to do a little extra walking, like today.

Many through paddlers extend the official portage between the Ammo and the Andro by walking farther to Pontook Reservoir, avoiding these rapids.
Susan and Gordon…did you move back to New Hampshire and not tell us?
The Androscoggin River was broad and beautiful, except for when it was rushing and shallow and full of rapids. The mile and a half above the reservoir was incredibly slow and difficult, with strands of slippery green algae covering the rounded river rocks.

I want to tell you the story of day’s end.  After the 4-mile walk and the easy paddling and the horrible 1.5 miles and some more easy paddling and a short portage around Seven Islands Bridge.  The day was supposed to end with a long walk to a state park to camp and be poised to meet Mom and Dad tomorrow in Errol.

Here is another critical trail skill – creative problem solving.  I had passed the bridge, had the boat perfectly balanced on the wheels, and was ready to walk as long as it took to get to the state park.  Not to be.  Route 16 is being repaved and has CLIFFS at the edge and tons of traffic.

So back to the river I went, somewhat reluctantly, but paddling strong until I passed the group of young adults unloading canoes at Osprey and a couple of fly fisherman drifting in a rowboat.  Now I could collapse.  The site I picked was perfect, except for the fact it was so close to the road that I had to wait until dusk to put up my tent.  In the meantime, I cooked pasta and salmon and looked for bears.  As soon as the tent was finally up, I was sound asleep!


3 thoughts on “Day 28: Cedar Pond Campground to stealth campsite on the Androscoggin River (15.3 miles)”

  1. I continue to admire your ability to work toward your goal, enjoy the beautiful people and nature and be willing to keep on keeping on. Amazing. Tricia


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