Day 9:  Bear Pt. on Union Falls Pond to Baker’s Acres Campgound on Saranac River (21.3 miles )


A long day of endurance, of which 12.9 official miles was walking, not to mention the extra 1.5 miles being lost that is not included in the amount in today’s title.

It began with a head wind and heavy rain to finish Union Falls Pond, bailing twice for almost 3 gallons of water.

My brain must have been water-logged by then, because I stopped for a photo of the dam (above), while standing on Casey Rd.  This (Casey Rd.) was the portage route around the difficult, long, dangerous stretch ahead where last year two boats were destroyed.  It was obviously the road that followed the river, but I blithely headed up a nice paved highway in the wrong direction.  Somehow my brain did eventually begin to work and I turned around.

There ensued almost 5 miles of damp, lonely walking on a barely-paved road where convicts lurked along each dismal stretch.  Only 3 cars passed and I was glad to turn onto busy Silver Lake Road, where the sled with hitch above was one of few sights for the day.

Following the plan made yesterday with Dave, I walked some more into Redford where I discovered Michigans! At a convenience store there, hot chocolate was the first order of business, then hot food.

“You don’t know what a Michigan is?”  I amazed the young man behind the counter with my ignorance , but had soon consumed two of these hot dogs with meat sauce and mustard, a banana and two cups of cocoa.

PADDLING NOTE:  There is a much easier put-in (after Separator Rapids) that the clerk told me about, just past the store.  Turn onto Pup Hill Rd., cross the bridge and put in on the left , downstream of the bridge.  Much easier access and you can have a Michigan or two along the way!

I was finally back on the river where many great blue herons kept me company through lots of easy Class II water with standing waves and speeds to 7 mph.  Sure beats walking!

High Falls Dam portage directions were super and I put in at the LOW WATER put in, which was again great advice from Dave, given the river’s power.

Arriving at Baker’s Acres Campground, finally, Ron was kind enough to dry my soaked tent in his clothes dryer.  That evening, Dan Brown told me that the second convict had been caught, the best news of a long day.


2 thoughts on “Day 9:  Bear Pt. on Union Falls Pond to Baker’s Acres Campgound on Saranac River (21.3 miles )”

  1. So glad you can enjoy the rest of the paddle without worrying about those convicts. Just read the part about the 5 mile stretch to Jacob while we sit on some rocks in the James River with Taylor and friends! Enjoy Vermont and Happy 4th. Love you!


    1. Love you, too, and was thinking of the three of you floating along in the sun. There are going to be fireworks here tonight, so I’ll do a little celebrating then! Tell Jacob his socks will be back with me for the next stretch.


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