Day 10: Baker’s Acres Campground near Picketts Corners to Comfort Inn, Plattsburgh (20.0 miles)

Up early and on the water just before 7, with a family of Canada geese to see me off.  The logistics of packing have fallen into a rhythm and the pot cozies are helping me be able to make coffee or a simple meal in the tent vestibule. 

Sun brightens a Saranac River morning

The first aches and pains of an extended expedition are arriving…the usual pain and numbness in my hands and a tender left foot, which I stumbled on twice during my long day of walking.   Today more complicated portages, many around dams that sprinkle this river and are largely used to generate hydroelectric power. 

At one point early on, I wheeled down a residential sidewalk, thinking of the people pulling out for a normal day of work while I was off on a grand adventure.  Don’t forget- every day is a gift! – which I have been writing in the trail registers when there is room.

But I digress. Cadyville Dam, Kent Falls, Treadwell Miils Dam and the intriguing ruins of Indian Rapids Dam (which I combined into one portage per Dan Brown’s advice), and Imperial Mills Dam to end a long day!  Much walking, navigating, and concentrating, while favoring my left foot.  I also added a couple of miles of portaging above Morrisonville, where I walked after seeing the raging river and calling Dave at St. Regis for a consultation.

Decided after that to call it a day and not attempt the wild ride into Plattsburgh with the question marks of the Bridge St. rapids and detour around river remediation work.  

Walked up from the Imperial Mills put-in into a neighborhood and straight to the blessing of two more trail angels, Tom and Nancy, who spotted me from their window!  Tea, fruit, a freeze-dried chicken gumbo for the road, boat storage, a ride to the Comfort Inn, these Long Trail hikers knew just what I needed.  The hotel, too, had all I needed with a laundry and a great restaurant, The Plattsburgh Brewery attached.  I was in heaven.



7 thoughts on “Day 10: Baker’s Acres Campground near Picketts Corners to Comfort Inn, Plattsburgh (20.0 miles)”

  1. Is your dad no longer with you? I have missed an entry, I fear. Be safe. Glad you were in comfort at the Comfort Inn, sounds like just what you needed.


  2. Just went back and read the last two entries. Have no fear, the convicts are no more and adventure lies ahead. Be safe. Tricia


  3. Laurie,

    I’ve been following your adventure and even though it seems there are moments it does sound like you are having a wonderful experience. One section of the NFCT that I want to do is the Connecticut River from North Stratford, NH to Lake Umbagog… Can’t wait to read about that.

    Cheers to you!



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