Day 22: Ten Mile Square farmstand to Brighton State Park on Spectacle Pond (12.8 miles)

I would call this a momentous day of achievement and landmarks… successfully navigating the Fen (after a time), paddling through “the tubes,” persevering all the way to Island Pond, and paddling under a hotel to arrive!  

After exploring the Fen together, Sydney and Marji decided to take to the highway from Five Mile Square Rd., where the route was still muddled and the obstacles many.  In Island Pond we met up again, only to say farewell, as they will need to wait for a set of replacement wheels to arrive on Monday.  Having companions for a few days along the way has been a bright spot in my solitary adventure.

Marji and Sydney navigating the Fen, which constantly recreates its routes making for a lot of backtracking and bushwhacking.
A NFCT informational display at the farmstand detailed the plants of the Fen. Although I failed to spot any of its three carnivorous plants, I did enjoy the swamp roses and sedges of this unique bog ecosystem.
Time to paddle through “the tubes” at Five Mile Square Road…yes, there was enough room.

The site of dam ruins that must be portaged during the last stretch of the Clyde River. I enjoyed this narrow clear section where you could see every trout that passed among the waving green tendrils.

Onward to find my home for the night.  After paddling a short way on Island Pond and beginning the portage (which will eventually start me DOWN the Nulhegan River), I arrived at Brighton State Park, where the ranger tucked me into the overflow site in his over full campground.  Goodnight!