Day 16: ┬áCampsite just before Twin Bridges on Missisquoi River to Grey Gables Mansion in Richford, VT (5.4 miles)

Yes, I only went 5.4 miles today, although it took me four hours.  The current is picking up, the water is shallower, and (could it be?) I just may have been tired and needing a short day.  Just past my improvised campsite, I passed under the Twin Bridges.

PADDLER’S NOTE:  The Magoon Ledges, today’s biggest challenge, were definitely easier that the Samsonville Dam ruins yesterday.  Also, Davis Park has a porta-potty, great if you end up camping there.

Mom and Dad met me here for a resupply and visit, so today was relaxing and there is not much to report.  Back to bed until the famous Grey Gables breakfast!


Is a vegetarian pizza still vegetarian if you add bacon?
The Grey Gables Mansion B&B would be an amazing place to stay even if you weren’t coming off a muddy river! Owners Tim and Debbie say hello to all those through paddlers who are reading along.