Health challenge

A challenge has come my way, one that hopefully will not impact my through paddle of the NFCT.  Last Wednesday evening, my right eye started to water and turn red.  Five days, six medical professionals, and several ineffective medicines later, I was diagnosed with EKC.  Most of us haven’t heard of this viral (not bacterial) type of conjunctivitis or “pink eye.”

It’s really fun…very contagious, usually lasts 1 to 2 weeks, has to run its course with only steroid drops, Aleve, cold compresses, and sunglasses to alleviate the symptoms, which I will not list here.  Between blurry vision and light sensitivity, reading and computer work are limited, but I wanted to post something so you would know the latest.  There is a small epidemic locally.

The good news is that most everyone has a full recovery in several weeks, including normal vision.  I am allowed to exercise, so tried my new canoe twice and enjoyed walking, mostly with my eyes shut.  Promise some cheerful posts soon!