About that new book


I am the ultimate morning person. The fresh promise of a new day always energizes me, and I can often be found writing as the sun rises, at least in the darker months. Today, here in Bremen, Maine, the sun rose at the precocious hour of 4:54 a.m., as it has for the last week or so. This is the third day of my summer vacation, so I was still deep in sleep at that hour. Nonetheless, I arose a little later with a much-anticipated mission—to give you all a glimpse into my new book and update you on recent milestones.


There is no better place to begin my story than with Maine Authors Publishing, my partner in publishing and marketing my work. Located in Thomaston, around twenty-two miles from my home, MAP has welcomed me into their fabulous community of authors and guided me through the years with wisdom and patience.

As a veteran author, navigating the publishing process has been smoother this second time around. One week ago, the edited manuscript was returned to me. Hundreds of edits, many repetitive in nature, awaited review. As I worked through them, the value of professional editing was once again clearly apparent. I learned a lot, too.

I hereby resolve to remember not to indent the first paragraph of a chapter or section, to spell good-bye with a hyphen and nonprofit without one. Note, in top paragraph, how proudly I exhibit my newly acquired ability to insert an em dash in place of a minus sign. Perhaps there won’t be so many edits next time around!



With Upwards, the adventure inspired the writing. With Through Woods & Waters (or will it be Through Woods and Waters?) , the writing inspired the adventure. By spring 2018, I was yearning to embark on another long wilderness expedition, one that could become the subject of a second book. I wanted a compelling destination and challenges in getting there. Tough river sections, novel vistas, thrilling beauty, rich history—I found them all on the way to and through newly established Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. (Look, another em dash!).



My travels began with a backpack and hiking boots, following the International Appalachian Trail up and over mountains and along part of the river I would later descend by canoe. After the backpacking trip and a long-awaited book event, I put my small canoe in at the western end of Seboomook Lake, some 150 miles from the national monument boundary. Going the long way ’round allowed me to incorporate a couple of hitherto unexplored alternative routes of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, as well as the upper reaches of the East Branch Penobscot watershed.


Shortly after creating this blog in spring 2015, I wrote a post about the “why” of attempting a solo NFCT thru-paddle. That post, entitled May you find fireplace birds, still rang true as I embarked on my newest adventure. Should you decide to come along on the journey, you will see that I found more this time than I ever could have anticipated.


7 thoughts on “About that new book”

  1. Ah, Laurie, you’ve drawn such wonderful word pictures here and make me yearn to have your next book in my hands. Now. (Notice I have not used “em dashes” – – looks like you’ll need to do a tutorial for some of us who aren’t in the know.!)

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  2. What a great promo for the new book! I can’t wait to read it  I don’t remember having read the “fireplace birds” post, so thanks for the link. 

    Larry Hayter

    P.S. having worked for a weekly paper and trade magazines in my distant youth, I know what an em is, but wonder if in typography an “em dash” is a double hyphen — to which our device keyboards limit us — or an elongated hyphen.

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  3. I am a city girl by nature; spending that much time in the out of doors would seem like torture to me, but I certainly do enjoy your wonderful photos and your gentle flow of words. They suck me in every time. I get to experience nature without actually having to go there. What could be better than that?

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    1. I would say that it is equally captivating to visit the cities of France, England, and more, with you. It makes me happy that you enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy yours!


  4. Laurie: You already know how much I liked Upwards, and hoping new book will be just as interesting. How wonderfully you write, photos are terrific and clearly you want readers to see and feel what you do in your explorations. That stands out most of all. Guess I just have to wait. A lot nod waiting these days. Tricia

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  5. Morning Laurie it looks. Like it gonna be a wonderful and very interesting. Book. The photos. are. Captivating and beautiful Can’t. Wait. To. Read. It. What. A. Journey. And. Beautiful. Things. You must. Have. Seen Take. Care

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