Sweet liberty

“I sent my book to the editor yesterday!”

How long (twenty-one months) I have waited to say those simple words! For a couple of weeks, someone else will meticulously read and reread the manuscript – moving commas, detecting typos, and double-checking the spelling of Caucomgomoc, Seboeis, and Wassataquoik. Meanwhile, I can do the fun stuff, like finalizing the photos.

Snowy Katahdin

Taking off from my house up north, I spent my first day of freedom exploring. Snow still clung to the high peaks. At the greenhouse in Patten, buying cages for the peonies I’ve uncovered in my wild, untamed garden, I asked about the recent freezing temperatures. Local wisdom, it turns out, says frost can be expected until the first full moon of June. For 2020, that will be on June 5th.

Shin Brook Falls

The descent to nearby Shin Brook Falls is made possible by an indispensable system of ropes beside the steep trail.  Climbing above the main 30-foot drop, the trail follows the tumbling stream past a succession of smaller cascades, equally lovely.

Ropes to Shin Brook Falls

Above Shin Brook Falls

My goals for the day included: (1) finally hiking a portion of the Seboeis River Trail, (2) visiting the Christianson family at Matagamon Wilderness, to see how they were faring amid the cautious reopening, and (3) spotting a moose, of course.

The moose spotting took the longest. Pleasantly weary from hiking and pleasantly full from cheeseburger-eating, I drove up to the Francis D. Dunn Wildlife Management Area. So far, I’d seen moose tracks and moose poop, not to mention bear poop, a ruffed grouse, and a garter snake. The marshy Sawtelle Deadwater that comprises this state WMA has always looked moose-y to me and that afternoon it was. A small bull with fuzzy antlers emerging was accompanied by two cows, all looking shaggy and scruffy. Only one caw was brave enough to continue feeding while I watched from afar (too afar for a photo) through my binoculars.

My first day of liberty had been well rewarded.

Fading trillium
Painted trillium on my two-hour Seboeis River Trail hike
Summer has begun at Matagamon Wilderness, where my friends are “bearing” up well. While I was there, I dropped off a fresh stack of books for the busy months ahead.
Old track
Giant, immensely heavy relic abandoned along an old road

8 thoughts on “Sweet liberty”

  1. Laurie, this is exciting news! I can’t wait for the release of your new book. The photos and recent itinerary are wonderful. Incidentally, I was unable to post a comment to your site. It wouldn’t open and that is why I’m responding in email format. Also, I need to order another copy of Upwards. On a canoe trip last week on the Androscoggin River, I met a young woman, Rose, who was in my canoe. She would really enjoy reading this, and I want to gift it to her. Is it best to order through you or another source (The Northern Forest Canoe Trail?). If you open the Mahoosuc Guide Services website, they have posted a picture of me with Rose. Thank you, Laurie, for providing many hours of reading enjoyment. I’ve read Upwards 3 times and get something new from it with every read. Warmest regards, Elaine


    1. Hi Elaine and wonderful to hear from you again! There are several ways to order. Through the website here, your order will ship from the publisher. Should you wish to order a signed copy from me, please send an email to me at lmtchandler@yahoo.com and we can work out the details. Thank you!


  2. Sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate releasing your book to the choppers & tweakers in the publishing sausage factory. Love the photos and write-up too.

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  3. Hooray for you, Laurie! Now you can sit back and enjoy your summer, which it looks like, you have already begun to do. Bill and I are still hoping to make it north later this summer. We are unable to leave here until after the first of August because our grandson’s graduation from JMU was postponed from May to August. And unless they open Maine campgrounds to non-residents by then we may not make it at all. Until then we will explore Virginia’s campgrounds and the Blue Ridge Mountains. I hope your folks are doing okay and your kids down here also. Please give your Mom and Dad a big hello from us. Stay safe and well, Nancy

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  4. Wow, finished already!  Congratulations.

    I meant to reply when I read your post, but something intervened, and your new post on the first swim of 2020 reminded me.   You’re getting to be an old hand at this book writing stuff.  Looking forward to publication day. 

    Larry Hayter

    P.S., Yes, proofreading those Native American place names must be a challenge.

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