A country book goes to the city…and other nice moments

November has arrived with brisker air and comparative calm after Sunday night’s monumental winds and rain. Our town is still mostly without power, but neighbors are helping neighbors in the true Maine spirit. Why are the lyrics to “The Maine Christmas Song” suddenly playing in my mind?

School for us has been closed for three days, and I’ve accomplished a lot on my “to-do” list, including sleeping nine hours last night. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story. Look for another post soon about an initiative to get Upwards into our libraries.

Book launch thanking Skidompha
Presenting Skidompha Library director Pam Gormley with a copy of Upwards at Sunday’s celebration. The inscription read: “To Skidompha, the library at the heart of our community.”
Friends and family, including Phil, Linda, Sue, and Mary did everything but sign the books. Also helping were Pam, Mal, Bill, and Hannah – hats off to you all for the delicious food, cashiering, videography, photography, and more. It was a perfect afternoon!
On a book signing visit yesterday, I safely passed (twice) under this tree held up just by wires.
Janet Fischer's post
Post from my Swampscott, Massachusetts friend Janet today: “Reading this on a bus in Boston this morning! What an adventure!”

5 thoughts on “A country book goes to the city…and other nice moments”

  1. Finished UPWARDS and passed it on to Colin who is enjoying, too. I also gifted one to a close high school friend who kayaks and hikes regularly and is spiritual, too. I will also gift one to my close college friend who lives in Addison, ME, and can no longer enjoy your kind of adventure as she has MS, but loves to read and loves Maine and has for 30 plus years. Your selections of quotes were read and reread, the Celtic blessing the best of all for me. Don’t stop, the literary world is yours. Tricia

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    1. Tricia, I promise I won’t stop. I’m having too much fun and, more and more, I think like a writer, see like a writer, want to be a writer when I grow up. Thanks for gifting Upwards to your friends and tell Colin, “Happy reading!”


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