Bearing up wonderfully…a New Hampshire weekend


The 2017 fall conference of the U.S. Power Squadrons was held this past weekend at New Hampshire’s North Conway Grand Hotel. Boaters from Cape Cod and Rhode Island to northern Maine attended my Saturday NFCT presentation. I was grateful that the books had arrived in time and that folks enjoyed my talk. The organizers (one of whom was my father) had asked if I would be willing to bring my boat and gear, which sparked much discussion with the conference participants. I continue to enjoy listening and learning from them and hearing their stories, as much as telling mine.

I’ve been working on a slide that better explains the direction of flow for the NFCT’s major rivers. One man added that paddling north on Lake Champlain is actually going downstream, as there is some slight flow or current to the lake. I did not know that.

On Sunday, I came home by way of West Milan, Errol, Rangeley, and Farmington, visiting friends and stores along the way. Here’s the day in photos:


This unique looking shop, with a refreshing focus on independent authors, is in North Conway, NH. I dropped off some informational materials there and will wait to hear if they are interested in selling Upwards. Next was a drive through the White Mountains…


I sense a theme emerging…the book keeps popping up in my photos! Seriously, it was a lovely ride through Pinkham Notch, where the foliage is fading to brown, rather than orange and red, with the yellow of the birches now the brightest color on the mountains.


The Androscoggin River, along the NFCT, was just calling to me, “Come and paddle!”


In Errol, NH, I stopped in unannounced at L.L. Cote, a large outdoor supply store, and was warmly welcomed. They took and paid for six books, my first sales outlet in New Hampshire! Then on to Rangeley, to drop off books at Ecopelagicon, where I proposed a book signing during the Logging Festival next July.

I will close with Amazon news. This morning I set up my Amazon Author Central Page and discovered that we are #240,887 in sales among 8 million books, after 4 days. There is nowhere to go but upwards!


2 thoughts on “Bearing up wonderfully…a New Hampshire weekend”

  1. Hi, Laurie: I saw Susie last night and she handed me the information, your wonderful calling card and Upwards. I had already ordered Upwards and it arrived today and I took a moment to begin it and when the phone range I was tempted to not answer it as I wanted to continue. I am searching for the right words to use for my experience with it so far, but unlike you who can communicate beautifully in words that string together like a song, I have none good enough to describe how much I like it so far. Let me just say, I like it very much. I am eager to return to it this evening which is when I do most of my reading. I am glad that you won the battle of that tree that was determined to pull you down and under. I wonder how you will do without your GPS. I must find out tonight. I buy most of my books through Amazon, but could not wait so got it direct. Next time I see you, I will want an autograph inside it. Keep it UP. Tricia

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    1. Tricia, it’s awesome that you shared your first thoughts, as some of my other friends have been. I have waited so long and eagerly to have everyone read it, especially my most faithful blog fans. I am floating on air right now. Thank you!


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