The Old Stone Wall, a poem


Stone wall that runs along in the woods behind our house

The Old Stone Wall

We wander, both, the crisp clear slopes of autumn,

Through scattered leaves of faded, fallen color.

For me, a carefree hour, or maybe two.

The stone wall, though, has twice outlived its builder:

He who plucked the granite from heavy, stubborn soil.

Dragging, rolling, hefting the puzzle pieces into place.


That wall and man shared much in common,

in their struggle to tame nature’s endless march.

Rugged, stalwart, they took the character of an unyielding land,

framed fields that winter buried deep in drifted white,

that spring sprinkled with tender newborn calves,

and summer balanced barefoot children on the winding way.


In time, the passing years gathered up the man

and crusted stone with olive moss and lichen gray.

Stumbling with age and witness to a different time,

still, there are stories harbored here,

meaning to be found in the wall’s enduring presence,

if only that, when I am gone, the silent stones will stay.

10 thoughts on “The Old Stone Wall, a poem”

  1. Thanks for sharing your poem, Laurie. I have always had a love for the stone walls of our land — for me the northern NJ and catskills, later New England. They all have such a story to tell and should never be forgotten. Your poem lis elegant in the way you describe the stone and heft of the stories, but gentle in delivery. Very nice!

    Thanks again for today! I will put up a shared album of this trip for you and your folks and Sue and Carol and Steve (I sent her your email). They loved being with you! I am so happy that I am able to share my friends with my family and vice versa. Grace loved Carol and knowing that she knew Grace gives even more joy to this visit.

    Be thinking of you and the book – remind me again at the time when Amazon has it, okay?


    Janet >

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    1. Yes, our paddle together yesterday was perfect, right down to the autumn color and the cooperative loons. Carol and Steve are kindred spirits and I hope I will see them again. Made a note to remind you of the Amazon availability. Safe travels home!


  2. Yes those rock walls carry the lives and history of their builders not to mention the lives and history of all the creatures that make those walls their home and their refuge. Beautiful poem, Laurie.

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  3. A delightful, insightful poem. Very exciting to hear of your book publication. Been out of touch as we travel around the country with very few bars for cell phone connection, so I was unaware of your latest endeavor. Best to you and your family.

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    1. Sonia, it’s wonderful to hear from you and it sounds as if life is treating you well. Hearing everyone’s feedback about my poems sure keeps me writing, which has been good therapy in the midst of the book launch efforts. Hope you will find a way to read Upwards as you travel. It will be available on Amazon by the third week in October, I hope!


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