Surprising myself…13 miles on the Appalachian Trail


Arachne (Katina Daanen) and I ready for the adventures of the trail

The warm afternoon had occasionally been enlivened by cooling breezes and the AT had already taken us up and over several ridges by 2 pm. I stood beneath a newly crafted wooden sign, which spelled out our options. We could stop here at a shelter for the night, after a fairly respectable 7.9 miles for my first day with a full backpack. Or we could go on, 4.7 miles further, in search of a blue barn with a large, welcoming AT symbol to mark it.


We saw two red efts on the trail today

As we hiked, the barn’s purported amenities had drawn us on. A cooler of sodas on the porch, beside a river with a bridge for jumping in. And, of course, the barn would mean no damp dewy tent to pack up in the morning. I could go on. And on.

My slow trudge got a little slower as we crossed an interesting mix of terrain – meadows, fields, and mostly soft leafy paths under open forest. The beautiful surroundings and occasional mountain vistas inspired my weary body. For a time we had hiked by a long and ancient mossy stone wall. It was the Old King’s Highway, once the main route from Boston to Canada. I thought it surprising that there hadn’t been a flatter way to go.


We found it! The Hart family’s thoughtful hospitality even included omelets and toast this morning with lots of coffee and a warm kitchen visit. Thanks for the trail magic!


All powered up for another day, after Linda’s delicious breakfast.


5 thoughts on “Surprising myself…13 miles on the Appalachian Trail”

  1. Woot! Woot! 13 miles on your first day is quite an accomplishment. Hope that your body is ready for the 2nd day and that it is filled with more wonderful sights, sounds, and musings. Prayers for continuing travel mercies for you both.

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    1. The prayers got me through, as they always do. Glad to be home for a day of rest, though. Taylor arrives early tomorrow morning for the weekend. You are both still in my prayers, too!


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