Just beyond my door

Honduras is waking up around me. In the distance is the soft coo of a dove, but most of the voices from the verdant garden are louder, raucous, as full of life as the vibrant flowers that bloom just beyond my door. I was awake this morning while the world still slept, journaling. Bedtime had come early last evening after the day traveling and evening visiting and sampling the microbrews with new friends here at D&D in Los Naranjos.

Yesterday morning we set our alarms for 3 am or 1 am here. My flights were both on time, efficiently depositing me (and a plane full of mission teams in their matching colored shirts) at the San Pedro Sula airport in record time. Roman was there to meet me, holding a neatly printed “Laurie Chandler” sign, a shout of welcome in the steamy bustle.

Must say farewell for now because Walter the guide and I are going birding and hiking in Cerro Azul Meambar National Park in a little while. First, though, some local coffee, fruit, and granola!

2 thoughts on “Just beyond my door”

  1. I am glad to hear you made it safely, Laurie. You and those you’re working with will remain in my prayers. I can’t wait to keep learning about your trip through these posts. – Ira

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