Day 43: The Birches to Big Duck Cove, Moosehead Lake (9.3 miles)

John Willard, owner of The Birches, helped create the NFCT and always cheers me on with my paddling adventures. If you ever visit, be sure to go up for a float plane ride with John and see where you have (or will) paddle from the clouds.

One luxury of through-paddling is working off what you eat, even when it is a stuffed omelette, English muffin and jelly, and The Birches “small” orange juice, which is not small.  Mom waved farewell to the rest of us after breakfast.  Dad would paddle the seven miles around Farm Island and Sue and I were headed to a beautiful cove where we had camped before, an easy day.  Easy, that is, as long as you arrive before the wind gets up and find an empty campsite.

My aunt, Susan Sefcik, shares my love of the outdoors and, like me, has been venturing out on some solo trips. She joined me for the miles on Moosehead Lake, camping in Big Duck Cove, then stayed for a few extra days, braving some hearty winds along the way.

Paddling strong, we made good time, to discover one of our two favorite back-to-back sites free.  We were on the protected back side, helpful indeed when the wind blew whitecaps down the length of the cove later that afternoon.  Lazy hours in camp to gather wood, watch a red squirrel scamper past our tents with a furry bundle of baby in her mouth, then dabble our feet at water’s edge with a crayfish and minnows for company.  It was a bit cold for swimming, though, and we were glad to layer up after a quick dip.  Family togetherness in the great outdoors!

Sue loves to cook and I love to eat…with my appetite being especially well-developed at the moment. Dinner was turkey stir-fry with a multitude of fresh vegetables and the anticipation of pancakes and bacon tomorrow morning.
I love to cut firewood and Sue loves campfires…here is our tidy camp on the cove.


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