Day 41: Poplar Hill Island NFCT campsite on Brassua Lake to The Birches, Moosehead Lake (10.0 miles)

Bright morning sunshine and early head winds were with me as I finished Brassua Lake, where the dam doesn’t come into view until you round the point and are right there.  I love heading confidently right to this portage, which is marked by towering piles of dri-ki (giant driftwood).


Morning has broken at my island campsite.



Clouds above Brassua Lake add drama to an already majestic vista.


The rapids as I returned to the Moose River were on a par with those of yesterday, one perhaps a Class II with fun standing waves.  A fly fisherman in waders reported a good morning’s catch of “brookies” and salmon and, not for the first time, I wished there had been space and time for fishing.


For the end of Map 10, a friendly stranger took my photo near the Rockwood kiosk, but with Mt. Kineo in the background. I cannot believe there are only three maps left and that I will be finished in two weeks.

I resisted the temptation to be lazy and instead paddled into the wind to sign in at the Rockwood kiosk, before turning and sailing in style down to The Birches.  An old family favorite, this lodge has all the rustic charm of bygone days and staff and owner who we count as good friends.  Tomorrow will be my one and only rest day, a chance to recharge and reorganize for the wilderness sojourn ahead.


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