Day 38: Fish Pond campground to Sally Mt. Beach campsite on Attean Pond (18.1 miles)

When I look back over today, the words that come to mind are “photos” and “exhaustion.”  

On my camera (not this phone) are lots of great memories from this day of walking six miles of logging roads and paddling a spectacular route along the Moose River and across Attean Pond…flowers, ripe raspberries that drastically slowed my progress, a laid back frog, and some massive glacial erratics.  I love that phrase, “glacial erratics,” God’s punctuation on a river of immense beauty.  So look for those soon on a blog post near you.

Pickerel weed at the hand carry to my campsite


The inlet at the top of Fish Pond really does exist and it even held Moose #2 of the trip!


A memorial to a World War II POW camp that stood on this site near Fish Pond, in front of the camp’s oven for baking bread. The portage route passes by here on Hardscrabble Road.

Time to finish writing for today, but I will be happy to hear news of Sydney and Marji, whose new wheels broke yesterday on the long portage!  Help was on the way and I hope it arrived.  I was too exhausted to reach Jackman, particularly with towering, black clouds and the rumble of thunder.  Found a nice empty site at Sally Mt. Beach, safe from the severe line of storms that came through during the night. 


9 thoughts on “Day 38: Fish Pond campground to Sally Mt. Beach campsite on Attean Pond (18.1 miles)”

    1. Now that I hear the name, I remember learning that one a previous year. It would be so nice to have room/space for field guides! And I didn’t think that other photo was purple loosestrife. Thanks-you are a field guide.


    1. Yes, every day has been special, and now the rivers and lakes ahead just get better and better. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog so much…looking forward to telling you some of my stories in person!


  1. Hi, Laurie…I am still am still with and including you in my prayers for the successful continuation of your adventure. That purple flower is pickerel weed, I do believe. Hyacinths are usually more bulbous.


  2. Sounds like you are about to be approaching waters near (1 hr.) me. Just drove some friends from away to see Rangeley Lake, Mooselookmeguntic and related lakes. Saw the NFCT sign in the Rangeley town lakeshore park. Thought of you. You show strength and great perseverance!


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