Day 21: NFCT Great Falls campsite to Ten Mile Square Rd. farmstand (11.1 miles)

Thanks to Chris at Clyde River Recreation I was able to charge my phone in order to take pictures today.

Thankfully, the Clyde River today held nothing as dramatic as yesterday.  When I asked Chris about current water levels, he told me that dam releases keep this section fairly constant and I found it returned to quiet, flower-filled curves.

While waiting for my phone to charge, I was reading on Map 6 that a lake once filled the river valley here.  The Abenaki who lived along its shores must have been astounded when a 1775 earthquake destroyed the natural rock dam in West Charleston and drained its waters.

Typical Clyde River scene, repeated over many miles.
Not so typical Clyde River landmark, guaranteed to make you pause for a photo.

Over halfway into today’s paddle, I rounded a bend to see Sydney and Marji, who had made it to Pensioner Pond last night after all, bypassing Charleston Pond.  We navigated downed trees, a beaver dam and the occasional confusion of the remainder of the river to the NFCT Farmstand at 10 Mile Square Road.  

Run by Pat and Bill, this place is a mandatory stop, with ICE CREAM and the ultimate trail supporters.  Deepest thanks to both Pat and Bill for allowing us to camp right in the farmstand yard by the picnic tables and water and for selling us fresh garden lettuce for a salad.  (A healthier supper than last night.)

Maple nut ice cream on homemade chocolate chip cookies, all sold by the honor system. Loved it!

2 thoughts on “Day 21: NFCT Great Falls campsite to Ten Mile Square Rd. farmstand (11.1 miles)”

  1. Love the turtle photo. That ice cream seems like a well-deserved treat. Enjoying following your adventures. You are amazing!


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