Day 19: Perkins Landing, Lake Memphremagog, Quebec to Derby Four Seasons Inn, Derby, VT (15.9 miles)

In spite of solid rain, the day started great thanks to the kindness of a stranger.  The gentleman in charge of the landing ( which was a safe, comfortable place to camp) lives right there and came on duty at 5 a.m.  I required a certificate that my boat had been cleaned and inspected and the $30 fee paid before I could venture out on the lake.  Not only did he GIVE me the certificate, but also the weather outlook, possible places to seek shelter, and a caring smile.

“You see all these boats?” he asked.  “You can stop anywhere, any boathouse, you go inside, no one say anything.”  I felt like I had a friend.

So at the early hour of 6:30, I set out, discovering a hefty wind at my back.  The rain, the wind, a little surfing practice, where was Peter?  (By the way, hope you and Viveka had a wonderful anniversary celebration).

Sydney and Marji were my paddling partners as we flew down Lake Memphremagog and back into the U.S. under turbulent skies with the wind at our backs.

Quebec was clean, delicious, welcoming, and swift, but I was comforted to return to the good old United States.  I felt more vulnerable to logistics traveling by canoe than I ever would have with the security and mobility of a car.  A couple of buoys marked the international border.

Coming into the marina to check in by phone with U.S. customs. Our scouting trip in April meant I knew just where to head as I approached the bustling waterfront. (The small wooden building on the left).
Finished Map 5 today with my arrival in Newport, VT. Blessed to have new friends to record the moment!

Put in to the Clyde River for just a mile to the Western Ave. bridge, then walking again, surprisingly climbing over 300 ft. enroute to the Derby Four Seasons Inn at 4412 Route 5, right along this extended portage route.  (And also right by the Vermont Pie and Pasta Co. and Shaw’s featured in an April post from our scouting trip.). We enjoyed lunch at Newport Natural and pizza here and frequented plenty of area stores in our brief stay.

A glimpse of the Clyde River from the road. More upstream paddling in the days ahead.


2 thoughts on “Day 19: Perkins Landing, Lake Memphremagog, Quebec to Derby Four Seasons Inn, Derby, VT (15.9 miles)”

  1. As an early teen, my family and I spent many weekends at a friend’s house on Lake Memphramagog, in Newport….Thanks for spurring some fond memories and good to know you’re having so much fun meeting new people, experiencing nature as a part of it, an d some good eating!


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