Day 17:  Grey Gables Mansion, Richford, VT to Canoe and Co., Sutton, Quebec (12.1 miles)

Roadside beauty…anyone know their name?

My dreams about breakfast at Grey Gables had been growing over the hungry miles of paddling, but chef Tim was up to the task.  Fresh fruit with yogurt and granola, white chocolate cranberry muffins, banana walnut pancakes with bacon, orange juice and coffee.  Fuel of the finest kind for traveling upstream and crossing the border into Quebec.  It would be an exciting day!

After consulting with Tim, I planned  to paddle the difficult six miles of the Missisquoi River from Richford to the Canadian border.  After the surprise of  meeting two other through paddlers (daughter Sydney and her mother Marji) who were portaging past, I hugged Mom and Dad goodbye.

I made it 1.5 miles, but the river was getting progressively shallower and the current faster.  There were also rapids ahead and the Canadian border closed at 4 pm.  Back to the road, very carefully around the edge of a corn field.  At least there weren’t any “No Trespassing” signs where you could see them from the river!


Downhill (how could that be on an upstream section?), dangerous (almost flattened by a speeding motorcycle), and delightful (countryside), are my alliteration for this walk to Canada.


Customs officers from both countries were helpful, not intimidating, and allowed me to leave my boat at the U.S. checkpoint while I just took my passport to check in with Canada.

Back on the river, I finally found folks enjoying the river…tubing, swimming, kayaking, sunbathing.  After waving “bonjour” to many, it finally hit me.  I could stop for a rest.  I could swim.  It was blissfully cool and relaxing and I took several dips enroute to my campsite at Canoe and Co.


5 thoughts on “Day 17:  Grey Gables Mansion, Richford, VT to Canoe and Co., Sutton, Quebec (12.1 miles)”

  1. Your photos and stories are fabulous! While fly fishing on the Carrabassett River yesterday I drove by the public boat launch on the Canoe trail in Stratton ME. I’m still hoping to meet you for a respite/overnight at the Sugarloaf Hotel. Hot Tub here you come 🙂 I plan to drive my Suburban so that we can load up your gear while you spend the night here, We’ll be 27 Miles from yet another US/Canada border crossing.


    1. Mary, a hot tub will be heavenly! You can check with Mom and Dad anytime for an update where I am and I will call you, too (when I have a date). Did you catch anything?


  2. Your adventures are an integral part of our morning “alert” as we share them at breakfast. I believe that flower is mallow. …saw your Mom yesterday and we had a nice chat. Tally ho as you progress….love your reports and pictures!


  3. I think the flower may be a cosmos. Glad you give yourself permission to get in the water from time to time. Breakfast sounds so good. Tricia


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