Answers and insights…more on my NFCT 2015 through paddle

Well, I have been humbled, energized, and amazed by all of the comments and emails that I have been receiving along the way.  Together with the generous, friendly folks that I have met and paddled with, you are making this journey a deeper, richer experience.  And often cheering me up when I get down!  I thought I could update you all best with this post, so here goes.

Q:  You always sound so cheerful, but are there times that are tougher?  A:  At heart, I am a “look on the bright side” person and that is reflected in my writing.  The toughest challenges so far, in no particular order, have been not feeling my best at the beginning, the difficulties of the portages, misplacing things (especially my credit card for a few days), and the pain and numbness in my hands.  Luckily, I now have an arsenal of Aleve!

Q:  How are your various aches and pains?  A:  Praise God that my eyesight has been back to normal since about the start of this adventure.  The laryngitis and cough I had in the first week are gone.  My left foot feels better every day and is very happy when I am paddling instead of walking.  Perhaps the cold water immersion is soothing, too.  How is that for looking on the bright side of constantly wet feet?  My hands are as noted above, but otherwise I feel strong.


Q:  Of what did Peter Macfarlane make his boat?  A:  Peter builds and sells boats and his business is called Otter Creek Smallcraft in Vermont.  He completed his very wet 2013 through paddle of the NFCT (without wheels) in his “14′ solo Sylva Tripper cedar-strip canoe by Otter Creek Smallcraft.”

Another challenge is communication, especially getting my posts the way I want them, with infrequent time and access to a good internet connection.  (Hence my middle of the night posting here at the Grey Gables Mansion B&B).  Before I leave for the wilds of Canada, I would like to share a few photos that I will later add in to the appropriate days.

Mother and fawn on First Lake in the Fulton Chain of Lakes less than an hour from the start
Hanging out with Z (Zion) and Alton, while we were waiting for their group’s canoe to be recovered from a strainer
Nancy and Tom, trail angels of the finest kind, took kind care of me in Plattsburgh. Nancy later tried to track down my lost credit card, which she will be glad to hear is now found!
turtle cropped
Turtle in the Missisquoi wildlife refuge. Yes, Chris Gill, this is a wood turtle, right? Sadly, I know it is not a threatened spiny softshell turtle, which I had really hoped to spot there.

4 thoughts on “Answers and insights…more on my NFCT 2015 through paddle”

  1. Thanks for the pictures. Keep that camera dry, cell phone handy and credit card in a safe place. Peter’s boat is gorgeous. You love the outdoors more than anyone else I know. Tricia

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    1. I am fairly sure it’s not a painted turtle…thoughts anyone? I thought it looked like one in Maine a couple of years ago that was a wood turtle, but I have no guidebook with me. That would be some extra weight!


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