A family affair…and Happy Birthday, Mom!


After creating beautiful quilts, piecing together my groundcloth was a breeze
The materials for the yoke that Dad is building for portaging my canoe

Today is my Mom’s birthday…wishing her a happy, sunny day filled with fun and a healthy, blessed year to come!  My parents are my support team, not just for this latest adventure, but for life…and my love of nature was surely nurtured by all those camping trips and family forays into the great outdoors as my brother and I were growing up.

As we are nearing crunch time in being ready for my departure, it is all hands on deck at home.  Last weekend (in addition to our awesome intergenerational worship at church), we were busy.

There is no footprint (groundcloth) available for my tent because it has a special reinforced floor.  But I wanted one, to keep the bottom of the tent cleaner and drier.  It is much easier to contain the dirt and dampness of a groundcloth in your dry bag, than an entire tent.  So at the LL Bean outlet, I found a Hubba Hubba footprint for less than 14 dollars and Mom altered it to fit my tent (weight 6.7 oz).

Dad is building canoe yokes for both of us, using birch plywood left over from our new bathroom construction.  Mine has a Mad River Canoe self-adhesive foam yoke pad that I purchased at Maine Sport Outfitters, which will be taped to the wooden base once we finish custom fitting it to my boat and shoulders this afternoon.

A couple of brief news items follow.  My May training totals, given days under the weather, were 38 miles walking and 42 miles paddling.  Mack Truax, who is through-paddling right now, made it from Old Forge, NY to Errol, NH in 14 days and only has Maine left.  My computer is currently not allowing me to add links to posts, but you can find his blog link on the NFCT website under Paddlers/Paddler Blogs.  Last night I slept through the night, eight hours, for the first time in 3 weeks.  Only the fuzzy vision in my right eye remains…may the healing continue.

I’ll close with a few of my favorite photo memories of Mom and Dad…

One of Dad’s finer moments on his 200-mile NFCT paddle last summer
Last summer, showing Mom my 2011 campsite on Fish Pond
Camp at Long Lake Dam
Photos abound of Dad as camp cook…this one is from the evening we first met the fireplace birds at Lock Dam on the Allagash


3 thoughts on “A family affair…and Happy Birthday, Mom!”

  1. Laurie, I am really enjoying your pre-trip notes. Jim and I were so sorry to miss your sermon and the Intergenerational service on Sunday. Our Grandson, Brice , and daughter Patti came to help with a project that we had been waiting to finish–had to do it at his convenience and meet a deadline. I am happy the healing is continuing–be patient is all I can say. Great photos of Mom and Dad! Thanks so much, Love Pat


  2. Love reading and hearing everyone’s thoughts about the blog…and appreciate the heartfelt concern for my health…and, yes, my parents are the best…thanks!


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