Feeling awfully good

Those who have seen me recently will be amazed at this photo taken this lovely morning (in the yard in the sun without sunglasses).  I woke up after nine hours of sleep with no more light sensitivity and proceeded to set up my new Sierra Designs Flashlight 1 UL tent for the first time (outdoors) and seam seal it.  Although the seams are taped inside, Sierra Designs recommends seam sealing the inside and outside of the rainfly and center floor seams to fill in all the tiny holes from the stitching.  Another job finished !

4 thoughts on “Feeling awfully good”

  1. So glad to read that you had no light sensitivity!!! Hip hip hooray! ….and another prep task done 👍


    1. Hey, Dick. You’re home from Honduras! I was praying for you all and also very grateful that I stayed home this time. Your mission trip was right when I was the most sick. Tent weighs 2 lbs, 15 oz. There is a separate post about it back in March under the Gear category.


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