The last hurrah

041115 sunrise I’ve been missing my blog in this busy week when life has taken over my life.  As I write this with a lovable black lab curled up by my feet, though, there are some good memories.  This sunrise over the frozen lake, spotting 2 turkeys and 5 deer in one morning, as well as the incredible display of stars that made the tree silhouettes sparkle with Christmas lights as we went for a late night walk. Last night we had 1 to 3 inches of snow predicted, which was at least 2 to 4 inches more than any of us were wishing for!

In the trip-preparation part of my life, I finished a rough draft of my entire NFCT itinerary over the weekend and did a bit of shopping at Walmart.  Also squeezed in an Easter paddle on the Pemaquid River, this time wearing my snow pants!  For dinner last night, I experimented with a new salmon recipe for the trail, with fairly good results. The highlight of the last few days, though, has been the multitude of friends from all aspects of my life (and from as far away as Honduras), who have sent me words of encouragement after checking out the blog. If you are one of them, thanks!

040915 last hurrah
The morning of April 9 and it’s still snowing lightly, with four or five inches on the ground. Tomorrow’s rain, though, will be followed by days and days of sun into the 50’s and 60’s…could this be the last hurrah?

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