Upwards: Going Public with Publishing

What a long-awaited post this is! The time has come at last to officially share my plans for Upwards, the story of my 2015 NFCT thru-paddle. Some 81,000 words over which I’ve struggled, rejoiced, and labored for many months. The book manuscript will arrive at the publisher for editing on June 1.  

Every author should have a cat to sit near the keyboard purring, at least for a delightful interlude. I’ve had Maggie Jane and her riverside home to enjoy while I put the finishing touches on what the editor calls my “inspirational adventure memoir.” We had a surprise visitor right outside our windowsill on Sunday (or two if you look behind the flower).

My feet felt fabulous on a couple of weekend forays out on McCurdy Pond in the spring sunshine.  There were breezes to keep the bugs at bay, blueberries in bloom, an osprey, a heron, and the first kingfisher of the year.   

Publishing a book certainly qualifies as one of Laurie’s Adventures, so expect to hear from me often this summer. And always remember…Every day is a gift!

12 thoughts on “Upwards: Going Public with Publishing”

  1. Congratulations! Your tenacity has paid off. I am delighted for you and will be watching for more news. Love, Mary P.S. Giving birth is probably easier than pulling a book together?

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    1. I can’t imagine how fun it will be for everyone to read it. I just signed up to follow your blog. It looks so professional! Mine needs some updating. Great to hear from you!


      1. Hi Laurie! Thank you for signing up for my blog, I try to update as time and life permits. Your blog is wonderful and I was so excited to hear the wonderful news. I’ve been doing tiny bits and pieces of the NFCT. I have a long way to go…LOL

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  2. From a big fan, way to go, Laurie. I will put your book on the top of the pile as soon as it is available. Your family must be so proud. Love from NJ. Tricia

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