Day 29: Androscoggin River campsite to Peace of Heaven Bed and Breakfast in Errol, NH (7.9 miles)

A rainy morning that started with a very early walk along quiet Route 16 to Mollidgewock State Park and the last few miles of the Androscoggin.

Today I became an NFCT Section Paddler, which means I have now completed all of the NFCT in two different years.  I’m also almost to Maine, my home state, the state with only 7 miles of upstream trail!  Today’s plan of rising very early to walk newly-paved Route 16 without traffic worked like a charm and I was in Errol and finished with the portage around Errol Dam in time for breakfast.

Ricky at The Errol Motel went above and beyond in holding a room and storing my boat until I could get in touch with Mom and Dad.  Turns out the motel had been full when Dad called for a reservation, so we are here at the Peace of Heaven B&B enjoying Sonja Sheldon’s friendly hospitality.

Signing in at the Errol kiosk, finished with Map 7.
I ate three delicious meals at the Northern Exposure Restaurant in Errol and their Black Bear Pub, where they let me write for hours.
We all loved Debbie down in the pub, who kept us laughing all evening.


9 thoughts on “Day 29: Androscoggin River campsite to Peace of Heaven Bed and Breakfast in Errol, NH (7.9 miles)”

  1. Loved catching up with the blog this AM. Have had a houseful of family for the last week, another week to go. Now we have Kyan and Taitym (ages 10 and 8) with their mother Betsey. Sister Carolyn has joined us. Kids don’t mind the crummy weather, love driving the bucket around and swimming around the ‘bigger’ island on Biscay Pond. I’m off to church, Watching your spot endlessly. Don’t rush home! Love, Mary and Bill


  2. How many more miles to go? It must be great to see your parents from time to time. And you attract many nice people, too. Tricia


  3. Hi Laurie,
    I just returned from section paddling Errol to Rangeley (Dallas) and saw your sign in back in Errol when I checked on my adopted trail segment. I hope you more often than not have the winds with you on those big lakes.


    1. Hi Alan, the winds have indeed been friendly and the heavy thunderstorms came when I was safe in my tent. Did my parents and I sit with you and your son at the Maine Canoe Symposium? I think so and that Latina sId I should look for you there.


  4. Congratulations on your section through paddler achievement! Sounds like it was pretty hairy with the traffic and road construction getting to Errol. You are doing awesome and I really enjoy reading your posts and great pictures. Be safe crossing those lake and may the wind be at your stern.


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